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Packing is going alright. Slow, but alright. I'm slowly becoming okay with the fact that we're heading back to Tennessee. We have a few plans in place for when we get there, so hopefully everything will go somewhat smoothly.

The biggest thing is that I'm planning on going back to school. After doing a lot of thinking and talking about it, I've decided to go back to become a teacher, though I'm still undecided on the type that I want to be. Part of me wants to teach middle/high school history, and the other part of me wants to stick with general education for elementary school kids, specifically kindergarten or first grade. My fiance's old college is near where we'll be living and has an excellent education program so we'll see how that goes.

I've been working on a few crochet projects in my spare time just to use up some of my extra yarn. I have a couple of hats in the works, along with a "brain-dead" throw. Maybe I'm finally getting my motivation back, which is weird considering the circumstances...

I also took a short break from Guild Wars 2, but now I'm back into it. I'm mostly sticking with World vs. World with my fiance for right now, but it's still a lot of fun. Some of the fights against the other servers are ridiculous, and we're almost always outnumbered, but still... plenty of fun times. It's doing a lot to take my mind off of the bad things.
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My efforts to wake up early last week were cut short. I came down with a cold early last week and it pretty much knocked me on my ass. I'm mostly over it now, though I think I may have an ear infection or something. It's not fun, but I'm not going to use it as an excuse; I'm getting right back up on that horse this week. So there.

With any luck, my fiance will be ready to start his sales this weekend. I've got my fingers crossed for him.

Guild Wars 2 has been pretty fun with our group so far. After getting to 80, I decided that I didn't want to main an Elementalist, so I'm leveling up a Ranger to tag along with the group. We also managed to get two more people from my fiance's gaming group interested in the game, so now there's seven of us running around and leveling. It should be fun when the majority of them get to 30 and we can start running dungeons a bit more.

And as a final note, peanut butter cookies will be made tomorrow! Yay!
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I am so bad about this update thing.

I am happy to report that I've actually started working on those goals I posted in my last entry. I joined a guild on Guild Wars 2 (granted, it's made up of my fiance and mutual friends), and I woke up early this morning to get a walk in before the day really started. It's a small step, but yay, progress!

The other good news is that my fiance may finally have some income. He found a company that he likes to hire him as an independent agent. It's a commission-based job, but at least it's something right now. And it puts his insurance licenses to good use.

I've also put some thought into going back to school. There's a college around here that does baking classes, and the idea is pretty appealing to me. I've always wanted to open up my own little bakery for sweet, delicious, cavity-inducing goodness, or, at the very least, work in one. Mmm, sweet breakfasts...
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I keep meaning to update, but I always manage to get distracted. By the time I remember, I end up getting distracted again... I'll get out of the cycle one of these days.

I'm nearly done with the blanket I'm making for my niece's Christmas present. Assuming I keep at it, I should be done by the end of the week (hopefully). And then I can move on to other projects, like getting a head-start on gifts for next year. Of course, I say that every year, and yet...

Speaking of Christmas, it really doesn't feel like it should be happening in two weeks, does it? I haven't even started shopping for my family yet. I should really get on that.

Oh, some good news! My fiance and I got tickets to go see a concert with some friends at the end of January. It's a video game concert put on by one of the area symphonies; not quite Video Games Live, but it should be close. I'm excited. :)

What else?

Uh... Guild Wars 2 has been sucking away my extra free time again. I nearly have my Guardian to 80, after which I plan on finishing up with my Mesmer's leveling, too. Oh, so much to do...

Well, I guess that about wraps it up for now. I have laundry waiting and a few rows of blanket to do.
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Good news for my computer. I got my new video card and power supply yesterday, so I've finally been able to play Guild Wars 2 for the first time in what seems like forever. No crashes or black screens! It's a damn miracle!


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