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It took long enough, but I finally got around to putting something on my profile page. All that's left is to fill out my icons a bit more and find a journal layout that I like. Unfortunately, I don't really know how to put together my own layout, so... that might take awhile.

Also, I adore this game and this song. It was really unappreciated by the critics and a large part of the gaming community, but it is so damn good.

For the full experience, play the PC version (with PhysX enabled) while wearing headphones in a dark room. :)
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I woke up to no power today due to a thunderstorm early this morning. The power came back around 11:00 AM, though I'm hearing that other parts of the county still don't have power yet.

I spent some time browsing Dreamwidth communities today. I'm a little disappointed that most of them are pretty inactive aside of the fanfic/fandom communities. There are a few exceptions, but it's still a bit sad to see. I suppose that's one advantage of LiveJournal - large, active communities. I may try posting to one or two of the Dreamwidth communities though, just to see if anyone's out there. Maybe.

Oh! I finished watching The Tudors on Netflix last night. The last two seasons seemed to go by really quickly; I suppose it was relatively quick historically, but I still wish it would have been drawn out a bit more. Overall, the series wasn't bad and it fed my interest in Tudor England, but I probably won't watch it again.
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After a long absence, I decided to return to Dreamwidth. I had an account here last year, but I ended up abandoning it for several reasons; I never deleted it, but I felt the need to just start over completely fresh and separate parts of my online life.

I'm not entirely sure what my intent is for this journal. I would like to update more often that I did in the past, and I definitely want to get more involved in online communities since I always lurk and never get involved with anything. I'll probably end up talking a lot about mundane day-to-day stuff, along with my latest craft projects, video game junk, and the fantasy geekery that I'm interested in.

Will I actually do it? I'll get back to you on that one.


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