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Packing is going alright. Slow, but alright. I'm slowly becoming okay with the fact that we're heading back to Tennessee. We have a few plans in place for when we get there, so hopefully everything will go somewhat smoothly.

The biggest thing is that I'm planning on going back to school. After doing a lot of thinking and talking about it, I've decided to go back to become a teacher, though I'm still undecided on the type that I want to be. Part of me wants to teach middle/high school history, and the other part of me wants to stick with general education for elementary school kids, specifically kindergarten or first grade. My fiance's old college is near where we'll be living and has an excellent education program so we'll see how that goes.

I've been working on a few crochet projects in my spare time just to use up some of my extra yarn. I have a couple of hats in the works, along with a "brain-dead" throw. Maybe I'm finally getting my motivation back, which is weird considering the circumstances...

I also took a short break from Guild Wars 2, but now I'm back into it. I'm mostly sticking with World vs. World with my fiance for right now, but it's still a lot of fun. Some of the fights against the other servers are ridiculous, and we're almost always outnumbered, but still... plenty of fun times. It's doing a lot to take my mind off of the bad things.
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So, the blanket is finally (mostly) done. All that's left is to weave in the ends and take photos. I'm so ridiculously happy that I stuck with it and finished in time for Christmas. It's a huge weight off my shoulders.

I'm on a bit of a "crocheter's high" right now, so I started going through my stash to organize everything. All of my yarns are going to be sorted by fiber type and color, with half-finished projects either being completed or frogged (if I can't identify what it was supposed to be). I'm planning on adding all of my yarn and books to my Ravelry stash and library as well.

On another, even happier note, my fiance has an interview scheduled for tomorrow morning. Even if he doesn't get accepted for the position, I'm really happy for him for even getting an interview so quickly in the first place.

It might actually turn out to be a good end to the year after all.
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I keep meaning to update, but I always manage to get distracted. By the time I remember, I end up getting distracted again... I'll get out of the cycle one of these days.

I'm nearly done with the blanket I'm making for my niece's Christmas present. Assuming I keep at it, I should be done by the end of the week (hopefully). And then I can move on to other projects, like getting a head-start on gifts for next year. Of course, I say that every year, and yet...

Speaking of Christmas, it really doesn't feel like it should be happening in two weeks, does it? I haven't even started shopping for my family yet. I should really get on that.

Oh, some good news! My fiance and I got tickets to go see a concert with some friends at the end of January. It's a video game concert put on by one of the area symphonies; not quite Video Games Live, but it should be close. I'm excited. :)

What else?

Uh... Guild Wars 2 has been sucking away my extra free time again. I nearly have my Guardian to 80, after which I plan on finishing up with my Mesmer's leveling, too. Oh, so much to do...

Well, I guess that about wraps it up for now. I have laundry waiting and a few rows of blanket to do.
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Tonight was my fiance's last day of work at the call center. He starts his new job on Monday. He's really excited and I'm really happy for him. :)

Before he got home, he texted me to ask if I would make a small something for one of his supervisors as a parting gift. He found a pattern for a tiny crochet Pufferfish that he thought she would like, so I went ahead and made one. I'll probably make another one before the night's over... or maybe two more!

I also feel like making myself a bracelet or something.


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