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As if it weren't obvious, I took a break again. It wasn't on purpose, exactly... I just have a very boring life and nothing fun or interesting to write about. :)

The wedding planning is coming along well. We've booked the ceremony and reception site, gotten the officiant, started making the centerpieces and bouquets (yay for my mom being crafty!), and we'll (hopefully) be booking a photographer this weekend. I know there's still a lot more to do, but we're getting there.

My sister started her first "real" job last week, so I've been watching my nephew on the days she has to go in. He just turned two at the beginning of the month and he's just as busy as ever. We go for walks every day that I have him, and watch Sesame Street, and color, and play with cars, and throw a ball around in the yard... it's fun being able to let loose for awhile.

I'm still semi-prepping for a craft show in November, or at least getting stock set for a show next year. I also have Christmas projects I need to get working on. My motivation sucks.
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A bit of a slow day today.

Last night I made this strawberry mousse for tonight's dessert, since it was our bi-monthly dinner at my parents' house. My mom ended up having to cancel and move dinner to next week, so my fiance and I will be eating mousse all week long. I'm somehow okay with this. :)

We didn't have any other plans, so I decided to make something for my niece and nephew for Valentine's Day. I had a big box of 96 crayons that I bought last year and hadn't done anything with, so I melted them down into larger crayons using my silicone baking trays. I know my niece will get a kick out of the shapes and colors, but I mostly had my nephew in mind when I made them since crayons are a little hard for him to hold onto (he's almost 18 months old).

I kind of want to go buy more crayons to melt now.
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I'm happy to say that most of my Christmas shopping is done, and all that's left to do is to sit back and wait for it all to arrive. I only have to find Christmas gifts for both of my grandmothers and a birthday present for my niece; I may also try to find a pack of bubble solution to go along with my nephew's gift (we bought him a bubble mower... it comes with bubble solution, but a little extra never hurt anyone).

Good news: I was finally able to pick up my glasses last night. Yay! I can see!
Bad news: After arriving home, I noticed a scratch on the left lens, so it needs to be redone. The optometrist office was closed when we got home, so we had to go back today to take care of it. It should be done by next week, I hope. I still have my glasses though, so I guess it's not all bad.

The one productive thing I did today was sort through my Ravelry account. I had nearly 500 untagged patterns in my favorites, plus redundant tags, nothing in my project queue, and an outdated profile. All of my patterns are now tagged, projects are added to my queue, defunct groups have been removed, and parts of my profile have been updated. If I can muster up the energy, I'll add the books I own to my Ravelry library and (maybe) add the yarn from my stash (most of it's Red Heart, so... yeah).
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Everything finally settled down enough for me to finally recommit to my Rivendell walk. I decided to just start over because it had been quite awhile since I had last walked, and I hadn't gone that far anyway. Rather than set another start date, I just went ahead and did the first mile this morning. No more medical stuff in my way, and no more excuses. I'm doing it this time, and that's that.

In other news, I finally have a small crafting space for myself to work on things. I've had to use random tables and counter tops, but now I've finally got a dedicated table set up in my fiance's computer room. I even have my own little crappy work chair, so yay. My only complaint is that it gets a bit cold in there in the evenings, but who cares? Because work space!

We also had our first snow of the season last week. I think it was Thursday or Friday evening, but I'm not sure. Either way, it's all gone now, but it'll be back soon. It's Michigan... snow never truly goes away.
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We've been moving furniture and de-cluttering the house the past few days. It's been slow going, but at least it's been steady; the treadmill has been moved out of temporary storage, the old couch and entertainment center are ready to be loaded up for Goodwill later this week, and everything else has been falling into place. With any luck, we'll be done by the weekend and I'll finally have some space to work on my craft projects.

Now that the treadmill's been moved, I've decided to restart my Walk to Rivendell challenge. I'm starting completely fresh and will only be counting the miles I put in on the treadmill; I want this to be separate from any other daily exercises. I don't have a specific goal date in mind... maybe I'll just see how long it takes me to do it first.

I've been thinking about opening up an Etsy store in the near future. I want to get some feedback from friends and family first, but I've been thinking a lot about it lately, and I really want to have my own business. I'm not looking to make huge amounts of money... maybe just enough to supplement my crafts, but still... it would give me something to do during the day, at least. I do understand that it's going to take a lot of work, but I'm okay with that.

I just hope I don't talk myself out of it.
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I was a bucket of nerves, but I went to my appointment this morning. The doctor was pretty nice and talked me through some of the things that could be causing my issues. He said that there's a chance I could be anemic, but I had to get blood drawn for testing. I also have to go back next week to get a pelvic ultrasound (which I'm not looking forward to), with another appointment to go over all of my results on the 14th of October. Whew.

Because of all this going on, as well as other things, I've had to put my Walk to Rivendell challenge on hold; it's disappointing, but I'm hoping I can pick it up again in the next week or two. I could just "cheat" and count my normal walking, but I'd like to keep this as a separate exercise.

On a somewhat better note, I bought more craft supplies online the other day. I ended up getting more perler beads from one store, and a bunch of random supplies that were on sale from Joann's site. I also got free shipping on my Joann order, so that was awesome. The day after I ordered, I got a coupon in my e-mail for free shipping on another order, so I may have to find something to use that on. So many things to play with~


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