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So, with less than a week left before we head to Saint Charles, Illinois, I end up catching a cold or something. It's mostly my throat, which I suppose is a semi-good thing; the last thing I want is to be blowing my nose and coughing during the Video Games Live concert. Still, I'll be picking up extra throat lozenges at the store tonight, just in case.

It still sucks, though. I woke up this morning hardly able to talk, but it's a little better now that I've had some hot tea and honey. I just hope this goes away by the time we leave on Friday morning.

On a brighter note, we went shopping on Saturday and bought some nice clothes for the concert. My fiance got his first real suit - as in, a new suit that actually fits him instead of mismatched hand-me-downs. He was in the men's department of JC Penney for over an hour, being measured and fawned over by an associate who helped him with everything - suit, tie, socks, shirt, shoes, etc. Given some of my previous (bad) experience at that particular store (which, to be fair, was years ago), I was really impressed with the salesman. Yeah, I know he's just looking to make a sale, but it felt like he really went beyond what he needed to do, and my fiance walked away a lot happier knowing that he's "gonna look good" (his words). I think he already looks good, but it's a nice confidence boost for him anyway.

I was going to try finding a dress for myself there, but I honestly felt a little intimidated when I walked around. Even with the changes I've been making, I'm still not comfortable enough with my body to talk around the plus-sized section of a normal store... I just get the feeling that everyone's staring at me, so I'd rather go to a full plus-sized store and fit in with everyone else. I'm not sure if that makes any sense out loud or not, but... that's how it is, I suppose.

We ended up at Lane Bryant since it was close by. A nice woman working there helped me guesstimate my size (since I had no clue), and helped me pick out five or so dresses that might work. I didn't think the size she guessed would fit, so I was pretty damn shocked when it fit perfectly. I think I almost cried in the dressing room because, OMG, I'm actually developing curves. I just never noticed before because I hide myself underneath really baggy clothing. Out of the five dresses, I narrowed it down to three that I liked, and bought two of those three. The third dress, that I loved more than the others, wasn't available at the store in my "new" size (the one I tried on was a size smaller and only a little tight in the chest - the rest fit perfect!), and it wouldn't have gotten here in time for our trip if I'd ordered it. Sad, but I decided that it'll be my reward for sticking with these changes I'm making and I'm going to order it in the smaller size that I tried on in the store when I reach that point. So there. :)

Concert dress
A shrug for the concert dress, except mine's in pink
Second dress
Potential reward dress

Tonight we're heading out to find some shoes for me, as well as picking up any extra things we might need for the trip. So excited!
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